Oral Surgery Procedures Performed at Sunny Family Dental

Some situations may arise for Chino Hills, California, area patients requiring oral surgeries. That includes everything from surgical tooth extraction to bone grafting. Dr. Uday Shah and his team at Sunny Family Dental are excited to offer solutions right in his practice.

What are the oral surgeries performed at Sunny Family Dental?

Chino Hills, California, area patients who require oral surgery will find Dr. Uday Shah can perform the following treatments:

  • Dental extraction – dental extraction is the removal of a tooth. It may be done for various reasons, including large cavities, failed root canal therapy, injury to the tooth, or preparation for dentures or orthodontics. That includes simple extraction, which takes just a few minutes to complete. We do have an Oral Surgeon onboard who does wisdom teeth extractions and any complicated extractions.
  • Wisdom tooth extractions – patients have teeth that often erupt around the late teen or early adult years called the wisdom teeth, or “third molars.” These are well-known for becoming problematic for patients. If wisdom teeth are stuck or impacted, they require surgical extraction to remove, while erupted wisdom teeth can be successfully removed with simple extractions.
  • Bone grafting procedures – patients considering treatments such as dental implants may need to prepare the bone of the jaw with the use of bone grafting procedures. Dr. Uday Shah may also perform bone grafting in long-term denture wearers, as natural bone loss can occur and result in a “sunken in” appearance to the mouth and jaw with time.

Learn more about oral surgery solutions available at Sunny Family Dental

Chino Hills, California area patients who require oral surgery can connect with Dr. Uday Shah to learn more about the procedures offered. His facility is located at 14708 Pipeline Avenue A. Patients are advised to call (909) 679-3447 to schedule a consultation visit and initial evaluation.