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Hi, I’m Louis, and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Shah’s for 20 years. No pain. Will I visit? I will continue to visit. Bye!

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Hi, my name is John Arslane. I’m a new patient for Dr. Shah but I’d like to give you my first impressions. First of all, the technology is unbelievable here. It all started off with registering online, the photography, there’s X-rays, everything is paperless, and I was very, very impressed with the technology and the state of art. More impressive, however, is Dr. Shah himself. He takes the time to talk to you as a person in laymen terms, explains everything, and trains you. I’ve been brushing my teeth for 72 years and I just realized today that I’ve never done it the right way; I learned today from Dr. Shah. So, my first impressions are awesome.

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My name is Marlow and this is my very first visit to Dr. Shah’s office. I came in for a tooth whitening and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the staff and all of the new technology. And I found this whole experience to be absolutely amazing and wonderful. I couldn’t believe the nice leather seats and the TV while I was having my cleaning done and I’m actually looking forward to coming back to the dentist.

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This is Dr. Shah’s office and my name is Josh. I’ve been coming here for 2 years and I have never–he is one of the best doctors…dentists I ever went to. I don’t think I will ever go to a different dentist because Dr. Shah and the staff are very, very, very good and never causes me any pain and that is why I like Dr. Shah.

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