Let’s Make Every Child’s Dental Visit Very Comfortable and Joyful

Patients of all ages need routine dental health and wellness checkups with a professional. Chino Hills, California area dentist, Dr. Uday Shah, is excited to provide children and adults the care they need. He offers adult and pediatric dentistry for patients and families in the community.

Children should not have fear going to the dentist, and this comes from bonding and trust The first visit should be at age 1 year, this is mainly an introduction visit. Children are always happy with toys and food. A parent should buy a toy that their child likes. Hide it and give it to us, the child should not know that you bought the toy and you’re giving it to the dentist. When a child receives from dentist, the child will be happy, this leads to bonding and bonding leads to trust

What services are available for children at Sunny Family Dental?

Our team offers some of the following treatment options for our youngest patients:

  • Pediatric dental care education – it is crucial that patients fully understand how to care for their smile, and the same goes for our next generation. Our dental team can educate children on how to take care of their teeth and gums with information on how to brush and floss the teeth properly. We also encourage children to ask questions about their oral health to understand better what needs to be done for the smile.
  • Pediatric oral hygiene evaluations – Regular smile evaluations need to occur to monitor for potential problems such as dental cavities or periodontal disease. Children are encouraged to visit Dr. Uday Shah and his team at Sunny Family Dental every six months for an evaluation, which may or may not include dental digital x-rays.
  • Pediatric dental cleanings – a professional cleaning helps pick up where a child’s tooth brushing and flossing have left off. Also known as prophylaxis, dental cleanings remove not only plaque but hardened tartar and calculus on the surfaces of the teeth. It also gives the dental hygienist a chance to evaluate the smile and bring any areas of concern to the dentist’s attention.
  • Children’s dental x-rays – our practice is pleased to offer children’s dental x-rays using our digital x-ray technology. That exposes children to far less radiation than conventional x-ray imaging processes.

Five rules for Children’s oral health

1 Brush twice a day and floss once a day at bedtime

2 Rinse mouth every time you eat or drink other than water or at least drink some water after eating or after drinking anything other than water 

3 Finish all sugary food which includes candy chocolate sodas juices etc. within seven to a maximum of 10 minutes longer contact with sugar with the teeth will cause cavities

4 Use fluoride mouthwash every night for one minute after brushing and flossing then do not eat drink or rinse the mouth for 30 minutes or better yet do it right before bed

5 Visit dentist every six months 

(instruction for the parents please print these rules and stick to the refrigerator and follow them daily)

Pediatric Dentistry - Kid's Testimonial

Ok, we have our patients. She’s five years old. Name is Lindsay, and Lindsay, what do you want to do today?
I want my teeth pulled out.
You want to have your tooth pulled today? Do you know it’s going to hurt you?
It won’t!
It won’t, all right. Give me 5, good girl.

Are you ready to have your child seen for their next dental appointment?

Book a cleaning and evaluation with the team at Sunny Family Dental in Chino Hills, California! Dr. Uday Shah and his staff are here to assist patients of all ages in attaining—and maintaining—oral health and wellness. The office can be reached at (909) 679-3447 and is located at 14708 Pipeline Avenue A. Our facility is readily available for both new and returning patients and families.