1. There are Many Ways Your Chino Hills Dentist Can Fix a Damaged Tooth

    You might be eating a piece of crunchy candy and suddenly notice you are chewing on something much harder than a root beer barrel, something that is not dissolving. Perhaps you misjudged the frisbee thrown to you and it smacked you right in the jaw. There are any number of reasons you may have suffered a cracked or broken tooth, these are just two examples. The enamel that covers your teeth is ha…Read More

  2. Your Chino Hills Dentist Congratulates You for Your Dedication to Good Oral Hygiene

    Did you remember to brush your teeth this morning? Of course you did, you are a grown up who has been faithfully brushing their teeth at least twice a day for the last several decades. Your Chino Hills dentist congratulates you for your dedication to good oral hygiene. But you have to ask yourself this little question: Are you brushing your teeth the right way? Look, we admire your dedication and…Read More

  3. Seeing Your Dentist in Chino Hills is the Most Important Key to Good Dental Health

    Many people dread going to the dentist and some avoid going at all costs, even though seeing your dentist in Chino Hills is the most important key to good dental health. Some people may have had a painful experience at the dentist which has given rise to their fear, others have no rational excuse for avoiding the dentist. Not only is this unfortunate, it's downright dangerous not to see your dent…Read More

  4. Reasons to See Your Chino Hills Dentist

    Let's face it, not very many people look forward to their bi-annual trip to their Chino Hills dentist. This is probably one of the reasons why you might put off a dental appointment. If you are a procrastinator and haven't seen your dentist in awhile, there are a few things you need to know. While a painful toothache is a nightmare, it is far from the worst thing that can happen if you miss a fe…Read More

  5. Cosmetic Dentistry in Chino Hills is an Option if Your Teeth Start to Look Bad

    While cosmetic dentistry in Chino Hills is an option if your teeth start to look bad and fall out, it is far better to just treat them right and keep your teeth healthy. After all, they will be with you for the rest of your life. Prevention is the best medicine to ensure a healthy smile. And even though crowns, fillings and professional whitening can keep your teeth looking good, it is better and …Read More

  6. A Good Time to Start Taking Children to Your Chino Hills Dentist

    When it comes to your child's oral health, now is the best time to start practicing excellent oral hygiene. Now is also a good time to start taking them your Chino Hills dentist for oral care. Good oral hygiene begins at a very early state in life, as early as infancy. Whether you are bottle feeding or nursing, you should begin incorporating some type of dental hygiene as soon as possible. And if…Read More

  7. Nobody Wants to Have to Visit Their Chino Hills Dentist for Dental Implants if it Can Be Avoided

    The holiday season is nearly upon us and the time for delicious treats like baked pies, cakes and other tasty goodies. With all of these tempting foods, you might begin to worry about the amount of sugar you and your family will be consuming. After all, all those sweets could lead to tooth decay and, worse still, tooth loss. Nobody wants to have to visit their Chino Hills dentist for dental impla…Read More

  8. Take Your Children to Their Chino Hills Dentist as Soon as Their First Tooth Appears

    There are so many reasons to keep your family's teeth and gums as healthy as possible including avoiding toothaches and maintaining a bright smile. New research has discovered that gum disease may lead to other problems in the body including an increased risk of heart disease. Here are a few simple ways you can keep your children's teeth strong and healthy. Start Early Despite our best efforts, o…Read More

  9. If You Grind Your Teeth at Night, You Might Want to Pay a Visit to Your Chino Hills Dentist for a Night Guard

    If you are like most people, you probably grind your teeth on that rare occasion, usually in your sleep. Occasional teeth grinding, which is called bruxism, usually does not cause harm, but if you grind your teeth on a regular basis, teeth can be damaged and you can suffer other oral health issues. If you do grind your teeth on a regular basis, you might want to pay a visit to your Chino Hills…Read More

  10. Cosmetic dentistry in Chino Hills

    Cosmetic dentistry is a term used by Chino Hills dentists to describe procedures that can improve the appearance of your teeth. In most cases, cosmetic dental procedures are non-essential, but still offer a wide range of benefits. So whether it's teeth whitening, dental implants or dental bridges, there are countless benefits in these cosmetic treatments. Increased Self-Esteem A better-looking sm…Read More