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Why Dental Implants are the Optimal Tooth Replacement option.

Why Dental Implants are the optimal tooth replacement option.

dental implantsWhile there are other options to consider when restoring damaged or missing teeth, implants are considered the best. Your teeth were designed to last a lifetime, unfortunately, this doesn’t always hold true. If you are suffering due to missing or damaged teeth, you might want to seriously consider dental implants to replace them. Here are some reasons why implants may be the ideal solution.

Natural Looking

Dental implants are strong and stable. They also look and feel like healthy, natural teeth. Other dental options for missing teeth can lead to bone deterioration. It may also interfere with speaking, smiling and even eating.

Long Lasting

Traditional dental bridges have a life expectancy of between five to seven years. At some point, they will need to be replaced. While implants will have to be adjusted from time to time, when properly placed, they will last a lifetime.

Stop Worrying About Your Teeth

If you suffer damaged or missing teeth, you might feel uncomfortable to the point that you stay home and avoid contact with other people. You might also avoid social interactions because you are afraid your dentures will slip. But teeth that are restored with dental implants will not budge, no matter what you do.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Enjoy all of your favorite foods without giving them a second thought. With dental implants, you can sink your teeth into virtually anything you desire.

So if you suffer missing or damaged teeth and want a solution that is permanent, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, you should seriously consider dental implants.

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